We love wool

Wonderwoolart is born from the love and respect I feel about sheep. I was raised in my family´s farm since I was born. I grew up freely and happily among horses, ponies, sheep, cows, pigs, ducks, rabbits, hens, dogs and other animals. Since my daddy died, sheep went with him. Wool produces a special feeling in me. Missing my sheep, one day I decided to assist to a workshop, and after feeling it in my hands, smell it and watch it, I could know that it will be part of me forever and this time it would never go from me. Pampering wool, it is able to give shape to my soul, making my feelings flowing like a river, as if by magic. Since that day, there is no single day that it is not in my hands. In addition, I must say , it is infectious, because my husband couldn't´t resist its charms neither. It is our passion. Now we have our own workshop, where we work with great enthusiasm